The most important thing a comic can have is a stellar top quality 5 minute video to send out for bookings, TV auditions, social media and recognition! 

If you're advertising with a bad video... that's what bookers will remember you by... AND you won't get booked! Don't send out a crappy video of your work! You deserve to represent yourself in the best way possible!  You've put in the hard work - let it show!

Yes, you can film your set from your phone or by setting a one-angle camera.  But that won't represent you in the best possible way!  Even the Improv will film your set for free... and you know what they say.... you get what you pay for - free and poor quality: 

  • Only one front camera angle, from the back of the room
  • No audience shots
  • You can't hear audience laughter
  • The comic is not mic'd so the sound is extremely poor​

We offer a professional video!

  • 3 cameras - multiple angles - ​including shots of audience laughter
  • You'll be mic'd up 
  • Top notch editing and quality
  • ​Ready within 2 weeks from filming
  • Great Price - only $200 ($100 nonrefundable
    deposit fee. $100 balance due upon receipt of video)

  • $50 extra for audience shots
  • Great Venue for Filming
  • ​Professional - Top Quality Presentation
  • Professional Videographer


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