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Julie Kidd is a comedian, public speaker, author and
​host / producer of the Funniest Housewives comedy show.  She has self-published a new book titled “The Funniest Housewives – When Laughter and Inspiration Collide”. This story takes you through the 12-year history of this extraordinary real-life undertaking of how one of the longest running all female comedy shows came to fruition in an industry that has been male dominated for decades. The story is heartfelt and empowering as she shares the brave effort and unbreakable determination to never let disappointment get in the way.   

In addition, 22 hilarious female comedians that have graced the Funniest Housewives stage bring their hilarious jokes and a piece of inspiration that is uplifting and motivating even when life seems to frustrate us on our path to achieving our dreams. You will laugh and cry along the way, but it’s well worth the journey. If you have a dream, this book is destined to inspire you to reach for the stars.  


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“The Funniest Housewives 
When Laughter and Inspiration Collide”

An empowering book that shares the making of a dream
come true against all odds

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The Funniest Housewives are a sizzling comedic sensation whose styles are hilarious, diverse and witty! The Funniest Housewives have been performing for audiences for over a decade and women and men alike love the show. These funny ladies are headlining in clubs across the country. They bring to the stage hilarious stereotypes with a diverse cast of outrageous characters. Whether you’re a traditional trophy wife, PTA Mom, or a single lady looking… you’ll recognize the rules, the annoyance and the wild physicality striving to be you! These outrageously popular comedians have appeared on national media such as America’s Got Talent, The View, Letterman, Tonight Show, Conan, Girls Behaving Badly, Comedy Central, Showtime... and that’s just the short list!

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174 pages   9x6   Hardback