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julie kidd Comedian / public speaker / palm reader


Julie Kidd is CEO of Funny Mom Productions.  She was crowned Hilarious Housewife on ABC's The View and has made additional appearances.  Julie is the producer and emcee of the "FUNNIEST HOUSEWIVES" comedy show - a sellout everywhere they perform, featuring some of the funniest female comics in the industry and on all tv platforms. Julie also produced the "FUNNIEST HUSBANDS" and "SINGLE MOM THE MUSICAL".  TV credits include: Nickelodeon, The View, I Can See Your Voice, Extreme Gong, Wipe Out, NBC Life Moments, Iyanla Vanzant, Character Fantasy. Oh, and we can't NOT mention that Julie is an award winning Tap Dance Choreographer and taught dance for over 25 years. In addition, her workout video "Tap-N-Burn" was rated #1 workout in Shape Magazine and raved about on The View and numerous news stations across the country. 

Funny is as funny does

Julie created and hosted "GIGGLE GAB" - an interview series that promoted Los Angeles and Southern California based comedians. The show aired on KDOC TV on "What's Up Orange County" in 2018 and 2019.   In 2019 Julie launched the 1st Annual Funniest Housewives Comedy Competition in search of the next Funniest Housewife to perform on the extraordinary line up of brilliant and talented female comedians. Her efforts proved successful and landed the competition highlights on "GOOD MORNING SAN DIEGO", twice. Her favorite comedy creation is a video series "Call With My Sis" which took her to social media viral success during the pandemic. They're hilarious and relatable. Julie's goal was just to make people laugh during a tough time. Due to so many public requests, she's kept the series going. 

A song parody master and "okay" piano player, her songs have attracted the attention of America's Got Talent numerous times, The Apollo Theater, and she's been compared to Weird Al... "They don't look alike, but they create alike" as quoted on a local Cable News Channel in So. California. With the collection of song parodies - "Single Mom The Musical" was produced and performed alongside one of Nickelodeon's Funniest Moms in America (Janine Hayes) - Thirty Songs, Catchy Dance Routines and Funny AF Jokes!  Proudly, an audience standing ovation completed each performance.

Julie is the creator of Tap-N-Burn, a tap dance exercise program that was featured on Dr. Phil, The View, and numerous news stations across the country.  It was also featured with reviews in Better Homes and Garden, OC Metro and Shape Magazine as top work out program.

In addition to performing, creating and producing, Julie offers comedy workshops for female comedians and top quality film and photography services. 


Julie Kidd is a published author. Her most recent release: "Funniest Housewives, When Laughter and Inspiration Collide" and "Embracing My Funny Bone Even When Shit Happens" (On Amazon).  Past books include: "I Don't Wanna Brag, But I'm A Single Mom", "Mamalogue", "Why", "Just Time For A Quickie" (cookbook). She is currently writing "Fire Heart" (to be released in 2023) and is a featured author in "From Us For You" a book that is sure to empower and inspire women around the world (publish date April 2021, now on Amazon).  More to be announced this fall. In addition, her jokes have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Reader's Digest, OC Metro, Coast Magazine, OC Magazine and Modern Mom Magazine as well as numerous comedy books including Comedy Thesaurus, She's So Funny, Mom This Jokes For You, and Loves Funny That Way, Hollywood Reporter, LA Voyager.​

Whether you've seen Julie on stage delivering jokes for over 30 years or speaking to a group of a 1,000+  women, you're sure to be drawn in by her authenticity and candid humor. She's a survivor of many childhood and adult events, a single mother of 3 children and she knows how to deliver inspiration, motivation and manifestation.  


Julie Kidd has a fascination with palm reading and has been studying the art for two decades.  She started reading the palms of funny comedians and has opened her reading to the public. You can see her on Fox TV "I Can See Your Voice" with Ken Jeong host on Hulu (original air date 1/26/22).